Basement Landing: Before & After

This job involved a complete gut and renovation of the homoeowners basement from a "rec room" into a true "man cave". The first step was to repair and renovate the stairs leading into the basement as well as the "landing". 


The homeowners took a chance and bought an Etobicoke bungalow built in the 1950s. The basement floor was soppy, soft, and wet. Paneling had been water damaged, and had been hammered directly into the foundation (walls). The wiring was in inadequate (lights but no outlets at all), and the lighting was almost non-existent. Enjoy the before, afters, and the journey in the photos below! 

These three photos show the basement landing - before and after.


The old flooring and sub-floor were removed, wallpaper was stripped, wood paneling was refinished, and new laminate flooring was installed. Ceiling trim and new baseboards were added, and the existing light fixtures were upgraded.


The existing paneling was retained (after some repair) but was then prepped and painted a light, fresh color. The existing door was also stripped, primed, and repainted. 

These two photos show the basement landing from another angle - before and after. Again, the old floor was removed and replaced with a new sub-floor and laminate. The ceiling and paneling were repaired, prepped and painted. New door trim and baseboards were installed, primed, and painted. A new light fixtures was also installed. 

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