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Re-Spray, Re-Paint, Re-Finish

Our artists use eco-friendly approaches to transform your previously loved cabinets and furniture into stunning beauties! 

We use water-based, pre-catalyzed lacquer paints that are low VOC and eco-friendly. Re-spraying is cost effective, has less of a carbon footprint, reduces our reliance on imported goods and decreases deforestation. 

What services do we provide?

  • Solid color refinishing

  • Cabinet and furniture paint spraying

  • Specialty finishes for furniture or cabinets including chalk or mineral paint; resin; metallics; and various textures

Shop sprayed

We pickup your doors and drawers (or furniture) and spray them at our Toronto-based lab. Our process is clean and allows for minimal down-time. We use KCMA-rated (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) waterborne, pre-catalyzed, lacquer paint that has been rigorously tested, not the trim paint used by some of our competitors. Our finish is durable, heat/cold resistant, humidity resistant, moisture resistant - and beautiful! 

How long does it take? 

10 business days from the time we pickup your cabinets.

Can I use my kitchen?

There is minimal down-time. Because we don't remove your cabinet structures, your kitchen is fully functional except for 2 days when we paint the cabinet structures at your site. 

Do you provide any additional kitchen reno services?

Yes! We can add a kitchen backsplash, replace your sink, fixtures or cabinet hardware and work with our vendors to install a new countertop.  We also paint walls or apply decorative finishes (like Venetian plasters). These services are priced separately from our cabinet re-spraying services.

Can you re-spray bathroom vanities?

Absolutely! Vanities are done on-site.

New steps:


We help you decide if re-spryaing your cabinets or furniture is a good option. Generally, if your cabinets are in good shape, but need a facelift, paint re-spraying is a great choice.

Paint at your site

At your site, we isolate your cabinet structures, protect all surrounding surfaces, and then paint (spray) the surfaces to match your doors. This part usually takes 1 day to complete + 1 day for the paint to cure. 


Choose from hundreds of colors! And we can help with this too. 

Final Details

When your cabinets are done, we reinstall your doors, drawers, hardware and cleanup.


We remove your doors and drawers and spray them at our lab. We complete minor repairs, prime them and then paint. Generally, we apply 1-2 coats of primer + 2-3 coats of  paint. 



We provide free quotes! Fill in our contact form and then email photos of your cabinets, vanity or furniture. Please include the total number of drawers + total number of doors. We will respond with any questions we have within 48 hours.

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